The beginning of her sleep regression?

My LO is 13 weeks old. She has always been pretty chill and a very good sleeper. For the last 2 weeks, she used to sleep 10 hrs at night ( 1 feeding at hour 6/7). However, she has been very fussy for the last two days, taking a lot of day naps and eating every 2 hours during the day. But at night, she is having a very hard time falling and staying asleep , she is crayng and refusing to sleep. She has never done this before. She has no fever or signs of illness. What should I do? Can the pediatrician guide us through this? Is anyone having a similar experience? (I am so tired too and working full time)
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It’s possible she’s going through a leap! When babies are going through times of fast growth and development, it’s common for their sleep to be a bit messed up. If she doesn’t seem sick or anything wrong, I wouldn’t worry about it.

There is usually a sleep regression between 3-4 months. My son was a great sleeper but around that time he was fighting everything so bad. It does get better. If your worried it might be colic or reflux, definitely reach out to her doctor <33 gripe water also saved us during that time.

Can I get gripe water at a pharmacy? Where do I get it?

@Gabriela you can find it pretty much anywhere for a good price. Pharmacy’s , Walmart, even Kroger.


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