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Has any one been referred to children’s single point of access team by there midwife because you are a previous user of weed? If so how does this go. I stopped smoking weed before I got pregnant and had not found it hard to quit at all. I don’t smoke weed tobacco or vapes currently. The midwife just called me saying she has referred me and now I’m worrying for the worst
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I mentioned I used to and they didn't refer me, my friend who was 10 weeks behind me in pregnancy mentioned it and wasn't referred either. Maybe it's the amount or environment, not implying anything just they may have a concern or just think k you could do with a bit of help xx

What nhs service you under? May e its different in the area I'm in xx

She hasn’t been to my house yet in still quite early, she said it’s because I mentioned my partner is a social user x

I’m in south east

I'm Solent maybe they have different categories for it, but don't panic it's probably going to be fine and along the lines of don't smoke when your in charge of baby and try to quit we will watch and offer support. My friend who also mentioned it is known to early help for her oldest sen needs and aware she self medicates with it and never been an issue for them. Until they come round and discuss with you what they will do and what not try not to over think. Is your age a factor maybe? I'm in late 20s and friend is early 30s ?

As long as partner isn't smoking with the baby in his sole care there isn't much I can think they would do. Just be safe and sensible about it and treat it like smoking I guess.

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