Can someone shed some light on this please? It's 11 days after my period as you can see from the chart, I've done ovulation tests for the past couple of days and all negative. I've had some brown discharge and cramps in my lower stomach and lower back. Will I be ovulating soon or have I missed it?
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So some people do ovulate later in their cycle but have you had anything close to a peak yet? Which might indicate you may have missed it xx

No I haven't I use the digital ones with the smiley face and every dY they have been coming up with just the circle xx

You might find it easier and better to use the strip tests like easy at home we they will show you every day how dark the test line is and will indicate if you’re close to peak!

Yes I think I will just get some of those and do that, thankyou xx

@Shannon they’re super cheap on Amazon, can get a pack of like 20 for a few pounds, called one step or another brand pre mom x

I've had the one step ones before they are good xx

I’m on the exact same cycle day as you and my strip tests are starting to get darker today.. one app predicts ovulation on the 15/16th so 🤞🏻🤞🏻 for us both!

Aww that's good, thank you. What could the brown discharge mean? Its kinda worrying me xx

@Shannon old blood from your period is most likely.. sometimes it take a bit of time after it finishes to come out 🙄

I've not had it before,this is the first time. I'm also getting cramping a lot with it too. Xx

Keep testing this happened to me and I just ovulated really late 😊

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