Cold / blocked nose

My LB currently has a cold, coughing, sneezing, blocked nose. We have a bulb sucker and a sucker we use one end up his nose one end we physically suck but he absolutely hates both of these and wriggles so much it makes it hard to do. Is there anything I can use? Anything I can buy to try help him? He's so congested I feel so sorry for him
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Snufflebabe is fab

Use saline spray if ur not already

Defo use the saline spray before using the nasal sucker as this helps to loosen the mucus. The Dr said to use lots cos you can never use too much. I usually do 2/3 sprays per nostril and leave it about 10 minutes before using the sucker. Snufflebabe on their chest, feet, and behind their ears. Baby olbus oil on the underneath of their bib and a bib near them at night. I've also just got our refill for the calpol plug-in. Also, lots and lots of cuddles :) x

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