CMPA and reflux

Did dairy free formula get rid of your babies reflux? Which one helped the most? I’m currently using cow and gate comfort milk with gaviscon which has helped my baby a little bit but still not 100% so thinking he needs the amino acids milk where there’s no cows milk at all?
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Yes we are on neocate and gaviscon which helps a little and then pedeactric movicol go help constipation that the gaviscon causes 🙈

We found nothing really helped until we started weaning then it stopped completely

We have aptamil pepti with carobel and honestly the last few days have been so different. She’s been on it 5 weeks tomorrow and it’s like she doesn’t have reflux anymore.

Nutramigen made my los reflux worse as it's so thin

My little boy is on Neocate and gaviscon sachets but still brings up a lot of his feeds 🤦🏻‍♀️ hoping when we start weaning his reflux will improve.

We are on pepti and he is no longer in pain with them but still reflux up but not on every bottle. I think we are just going to have to wait till weaning. I’ve tried csrobel but just don’t agree with him

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