Stomach noises

Not overly concerned just don’t think i’ve ever noticed it before, my little boy has had his bottle about 20 mins ago and i was just bouncing him on my leg and heard what sounded like sloshing water?! Is this normal?!
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My son still has this at 10 months if he's just had a bottle within an hour of jumping on is it's all normal

@YazmynJade I thought so, just never noticed it before! i know it’s happened to me if i’ve had a drink of water then gone running!

@Megan I always find it happens when we have a dance around together as soon as I hear it I know I have 5 seconds to prepare for the projectile milk he's about to bring back up as I've danced him too much 😂

This is normal as their stomach is still breaking down the milk. It is a bit weird though lol x

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