What exactly is finger food?

What is an example of finger food for lunch / dinner? I give fruits and sometimes sticks of veg or some cheese but doesn’t really feel like a meal?
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Some examples: https://www.healthylittlefoodies.com/category/baby-friendly-recipes/baby-led-weaning/ Alternatively, whatever you’re normally eating just minus the salt

Sandwiches, pizza, fish fingers, nuggets/pieces of chicken, broccoli, carrot sticks (cooked), cucumber

@Allie thank you

@Jess do you do frozen nuggets / fish fingers ?

Yes frozen ones :) if some of the breadcrumb looks a bit too crispy I just pick that bit off it just in case x

@Jess thank you

Mine has what we are eating, just cut into smaller pieces that she can pick up and put in her mouth.

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