False negative?

Hi, I’m feeling quite confused. I don’t really know how to feel. Last Saturday I took a clear blue digital test and it came back as positive 1-2 weeks, as well as a few cheap ones that also came back as positive. However today I have retested with my first wee of the day and there was no second line, and the clear blue I took this afternoon also came back as negative, but the cheap one positive? I don’t know how to feel. What do I do🥺
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I can see very very faint second line on the top 2

I can also see a faint line on the second from the top. When was your period due?

This happened to me, these test strips don’t seem to be very accurate. Maybe buy a different test to be sure :)

It was due on the 5th

I took a clear blue the same time I took the 13/02 pm and it was not pregnant

@Jenna 5th

@Tara I took a clear blue the same time I took the 13/02 pm and it was not pregnant

All 3 have lines

Pink dye ones work better than clear blue, the 3 you show look positive to me. Stick to one type of test and only do them with first morning urine same time each day then you can compare better. Fwiw I think you are pregnant but over-testing and using different brands will just stress you out.

It could just be low levels of the hcg hormone? Also sometimes can depend on how long the test is held in the urine

For some reason my HCG is always higher in the afternoon than the morning. A few weeks ago I took a clear blue in the morning showing 1-2 and the afternoon test showed 2-3 xx

Maybe chemical pregnancy

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