Bone broth - cheat recipe

Hi all, posting in the US group although I’m from the UK as I know bone broth is more popular in the US. I’ve roasted a one chicken, is the carcass enough to make a small batch of bone broth? Im full of cold and think it will help. Any tips on making it a quick way as I do n have the time or energy for slow simmer for hours xx
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You don’t have to simmer for hours, a rapid boil of 30mins is enough but you’ll get more out of it if you add garlic, onion, carrots, bay leaves etc. Whatever veggies you have. And skim the foam xx

Roast a whole bulb of garlic or not, and add that to butter and spread that on bread, garlic bread is amazing for colds (the garlic)

Thank you @Kellie! For some reason I can’t seem to shake this cold.

Use chicken feet the Cartlidge helps with the broth to gelatin more.

I feel better, skin is glowing and feel less hungry…and it’s only day 5 of having a little each day! I will definitely be incorporating bone broth as a daily thing from now on! Thanks girls!

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