Has anyone experienced labour after a previous spinal injury?

8 years ago I broke my lower spine in 7 places, no major issues since then, my midwife has referred me to an obstetrics, I think she said incase I need an epidural and it's harder to place because of my spinal injury but I can't remember. I was wondering if anyone else has experience similar, if it effected your choice of birthing options or anything else, I'm curious to know what to expect. Thank you
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I had a herniated disc that resulted in surgery - obviously nothing like breaking my spine though! They mentioned the same to me and they scheduled a call with the anaesthetist a month before my due date to go over my past injury/surgery etc. He said that I could have an epidural but to keep in mind that it may not work. I wasn’t planning on having an epidural anyway, so I didn’t really look into it further.

Different but I had a sciatica operation at 17 and got told if I got pregnant that it would be an issue. 35 weeks with baby number 3 and it's never been an issue, even for a day lass carrying some.extra pounds! Had to chat with the anesthesiologist last time and he just wanted to have a look to see what was going on but hadn't bothered this time.

Thank you both so much, feeling much more reassured, they were stable fractures so it sounds worse than it was, but I was so worried because of it, that my birthing options would be limited, hoping if baby and labour all go to plan to have a water birth 🤞but I didn't want to get my hopes up and be told that's an absolute no when I saw the obstetrician

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