Nausea/ sickness?

I am 5 weeks 5 days today and have so far had no nausea or sickness. Is this to come for me? Am I just too early or are some people further on than me and not experienced this at all?
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I had my first baby in September 2021 and did not have any nausea or sickness throughout the whole pregnancy so don't worry it might not happen at all.

This is my 4th time being pregnant. And I can honestly say I wasn't sick once. Sometimes I felt dizzy but no sickness nor everyone gets it.

I am 5 weeks 6 days and have no nausea or sickness at all! Fingers crossed it stays this way for us

I’m 7 + 2 and I get nausea when I haven’t eaten recently

Some usually don’t have nausea until the 12 weeks

This is a random question but how were your periods? Did you ever have really bad cramps/nausea/sickness? I’ve heard the women who have horrible periods also have horrible pregnancies in terms of the nausea/sickness. Would be good to compare. I’m 5 weeks tomorrow and so far so good I’ve had no nausea and sickness and I used to have horrible period pains

@A K this is very interesting because I don't get pms basically and I had hardly any pregnancy symptoms with my first, I hope it is the same this time!

Same fill now with my second pregnancy With my little one, I was so bad all the time. I had morning sickness and was nauseous all the time until my 6th month of pregnancy. and my favourite food was bread cheese, tomato, and cucumber 🙈

@Tanya fingers crossed for you! I’m just waiting for my nausea and sickness to kick in because it will be too good to be true for me not to get them symptoms based on how bad my periods used to be 😂

I’m the same amount and have nothing either ! I do feel like a fraud saying I’m Pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️

Most of the day I think to myself am I pregnant or not 🙈 I feel like am dreaming 😂

@A K my periods were quite bad when I came off the pill but no nausea more just bad cramping

Omg has it started now tho ! Literally week later and it kicked in yesterday I felt hungover the whole day and woke up feeling sicky again 😰😰😰

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