Fit to burst!!

I am 37 plus 3 and my tummy honestly feels like there is no more room in there. It’s so hard because of the lack of room and my skin feels really stretched. Is anyone else the same? Just looking for reassurance that other people are feeling just as uncomfortable!
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I’m the exact same I’m 37 weeks tomorrow and I’m so uncomfortable and just feel like I cannot breathe or stretch any further even if I tried😂

Seconded! 37+4 feeling the same way. Short of breath, constant reflux, trapped wind, and constantly peeing 😅 my poor organs have no room, let alone baby!!

Oh thank goodness it’s not just me! It’s horrible, isn’t it? Thinking of you both!!!

Ps the trapped wind and reflux is really NOT fun!

Not just you. I’m 37 weeks tomorrow and I am fit to burst, I ache everywhere and the acid reflux is horrendous! No idea how baby has the room to wriggle the way they are!! 😬

I'm 36+4, and the baby is stretching so much, feeling the same way, I thought he didn't have more room as my skin is actually a bit sore if I touch it. Not reflux, thou, but low pain when walking as the position of the baby is head-down, a lot of discharge when walking and back pain! 😊😟

I feel for you both! Hard to believe that the baby has any room now and I’m feeling that low pain too, Angie! Not long now… we got this!

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