How much swelling in your feet and hands is normal at the end of pregnancy?! 😅 my feet have swollen massively the last few days, they’ve been swollen for a while however 😳
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I asked my sister (who's a midwife) this because my feet just ballooned at about 37 weeks! So it can be a sign of pre eclampsia, but if you've had no other symptoms and your blood pressure's normal, it's not a big worry but worth mentioning at your next midwife appointment.

Same here 😅 the swelling has even spread all throughout my legs 😩

It is normal but if it’s a lot of swelling and your concerned you should contact your midwife or triage as it could be a sign of pre eclampsia but that usually also comes with other symptoms such as a persistent headache that doesn’t go away even after drinking water x

Thanks ladies! X

I looked like I’d been blown up at the end of my pregnancy hahaha my face, hands, feet, everything 😂😂

@Bex its horrible isn’t it ! 😂xx

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