Tired all the time

I’m so tired no matter how much sleep I’m getting, is anyone else the same? Feel constantly tired, even after I’ve just woken up 😅
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😂 yes I'm in the same boat. I'm struggling to do even the simple things, just want to stay in bed all the time. Apparently it does wear off over time

@Brijal it definitely wore off when I was pregnant with my first but I thought that would’ve happened by now, I seem to just feel more tired than ever 😂 glad it’s not just me!

This is my first time and I'm just thinking I'll be even more tired when the bump is bigger. I'm hoping it's soon as I have a lot to sort out 😬

I’m so similar to this! We’re moving house soon and I know I need to get sorting through things and packing but I have zero energy to ‘do normal life’ let alone prepping to move house 🫠😂 really missing my normal levels of caffeine atm! Hopefully it wears off soon for all of us 🙏🏼 xx

@Kirsty ah kirstyxl, right there with you. We move in less than 3 weeks which is just, not ideal when you're so exhausted Haha good luck with it! X

@Kirsty I feel for you, I moved house in December so it was really tough as I was about 8 weeks, so packing and unpacking was so hard and extra tiring. Good luck with the move, you'll find the energy somehow x

I’m exhausted all the time!! 6pm I will be falling asleep and yawning all through the day! Whether I get 6 hours or 16 hours I’m still so exhausted!x

Not just me then I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and wasn’t like this with my first 2. Could spend all day in bed. Haha x

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