Dry skin...what to use??

I've noticed my little one has some dry skin, it looks a wee bit like eczema but I'm not sure. We've never used moisturiser and rarely use anything in her bath. What can I use to help her skin? I bought Aveeno daily care moisturiser would this be okay to use?
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Me and my 2 girls have eczema and I swear by unsented child's farm products or when flare ups are very bad (doesn't happen anymore) Coconut oil

I m using coconut oil since she was born, works best for her

I used to use Aveeno Baby and it did nothing for my baby skin . I have used Cerave moisturizer which has settled my LB dry skin

Epimax! You can buy in chemist, but my daughter was prescribed it as she was getting patches of dry skin that they suspected to be eczema x


Doublebase and epiderm work great

Thank you girls 😊

I used sudocream it’s been working for my little boy

I’ve been using Moo-Goo and it’s really good!

Oilatum junior I find amazing! Also use their shampoo/body wash!

We have Epiderm and Hydrocortisone Oitment on prescription, plus a Zeroderm Oitment for the bath for flare ups. If I don't use them his skin is really patchy and red, although I'm not sure it bothers him 🤷

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