Food Aversion

Hey guys, How are you all? I’m currently 14w and I thought by now my food aversions would’ve subsided a little but they haven’t. How are you all dealing with it, any tips on how to get myself to eat as I’m really struggling?
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Mine go back and forth … saturday i ate a whole burger but yesterday the thought of going near the meat section in the grocery store almost made me puke in public. Its hard not knowing what works till the food is right in front of you

With my first they didn't pass until months after baby was born...

@Monica honestly this is the worst! I ask my husband to pick me something up and then when I see it I’m like absolutely not no thank you 🥲

Lol thats happened to me a few times! Once i ordered food and several times i asked him to make something and suddenly didnt want it. My current goto’s are sour candy and naan bread that i turn into pizza. Sour candy to help with nausea and low blood sugar feeling and plain pizza is easy to make when i dont like what my husband cooked.

All I can say is when something sounds good to eat. Eat it right away.

15 weeks and 3 days.. still can’t stand meat. Living off crisps, bread and sweets 🤣

I miss drinking tea! I'm usually a huge tea drinker but right now the idea of it makes me ill. I bought so many decaf teas and not touching them lol

I’ve never had that issue I’m sorry I can’t be more help! I can never stop eating it’s crazy!😂

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