Newfie lovers

Anyone else have newfs?? My boys are the best with my daughters, I’d love to see other mamas newfies with their kids!
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Omg we’re hoping to get a Newfie this spring/summer!!!

What’s a Newfie ?

Rescued one about three years ago, absolutely LOVE her and how well she is with our kids.🥰

I grew up with great Pyrenees. I always wanted a newfy! So cute and sweetest dogs ever! They're the best protectors, too, lol. I can actually wear black clothes now, though....without having white hair all over my clothes 😂. I'd prefer my dog over the worry of hairless clothes, though, lol. He was the best dog for 3 active kids to grow up with

Hiiii im a Newfie mom!!

My best friend has a Newfie. They are the best dogs. I’ve offered to take her many times 😅🥰

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