Pregnant with a toddler

I’m 30 weeks on Friday and I’m really struggling to enjoy this pregnancy because my toddler is making it too stressful. He doesn’t listen, he does what he wants, throws and hits. I don’t want people to label him ADHD or anything like because he is just being a typical boystress toddler. It looks like his dropped his last nap as well so his tired a lot but refuses to nap. I’m just venting I can’t be the only mum going through this.
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You’re not. I’ve been struggling my whole pregnancy. I will say it does get better when you’re able to take him outside more. Also, I’ve been following some advice for “tantrum prevention.” You can’t reason with a 2 year old, so just avoid situations where you’d have to. Stay consistent with your rules. And make sure you ask for help. Pregnancy has made me incredibly irritable. It’s not fair to you or your toddler to get to the point where you’re crying out of frustration or yelling constantly. (This has been me wayyy too many times.) I’m right there with you as far as stress goes. Physically, I’ve been feeling incredibly incapable, and my toddler doesn’t understand that at all. It’s really, really hard.

It is really hard. I feel myself having a short switch but his 3 and Iv been dealing with this for 2 years and I just want it to stop or at least get better. How am I suppose to look after a newborn when my toddler just doesn’t listen. I’m on edge because I’m thinking about that constantly. I just feel misreble at the moment

Oh yeah. I get it. My son has a speech delay, and has needed to get a hearing evaluation. His hearing is fine, he just doesn’t care about what I ask him to do. I ask him all the time to “show me his ears” when he’s ignoring me, and he always puts his hands over them and then runs off. His OT has started doing a lot of start and stop games with him, which he does do great with listening then, so I’m hoping with more practice, it’ll get better

I’m also at my wits end with the hitting. I just got a book yesterday with other kids’ faces and their emotions. He loves reading, so I’m hoping after a few dozen reads, he might gain some insight.

Oh bless you. That’s the same as my son. It’s hard and I don’t know if it is because I’m pregnant I just don’t have the patience for him. Plus we’ve moved and yeah him dropping his naps as well just a mixture of everything

I’m struggling my with my this pregnancy , not because of my 19 month old son, but because of my mother in law. Everyday , I just don’t want to be around her . She does help a bit, but I’d rather do everything by myself, then deal with her nagging, micromanaging, criticizing, miscommunication, and passive aggressiveness . Also, since she’s been with us, my husband hasn’t been doing much of anything besides working and relaxing

@Kennyeh it’s funny how our mother in laws will glorify the bare minimum from our husbands. She told me a few months ago before she ran off to Arizona for 5 months that I should be happy that he works. It could be worse. He could do nothing to help me AND be unemployed like her other son. So I should be grateful

Currently going through the same mama! Some days I feel like how am I going to do this with two under 2. I’m so freaking tired everyday just being pregnant and he’s just NON STOPPPPP all day. He literally breaks everything ! The hitting has become so bad lately. We’ve been working on being “soft” after he hits which means if he hits somebody he has to rub their face and say sorry. But now he’ll just hit you JUST TO say soft after. I feel like WTF

It’s so hard. I just want him to love me and listen and be nice. Because he has an incredible personality so helpful so polite and wants to do everything which is so nice but where the negative stuff is more often it just over takes him as a person. 😓 I pray it gets better. I’m just glad I’m not the only one going through it

Thank you for posting this! My son is 25 months and has gotten in the habit of hitting other kids just because. Time out doesn’t even seem to phase him. It makes me not want to have him around other kids. Also feeling so tired and big this time around, without the energy to chase his every move.

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