Hello, I am travelling to Dubai next week with my 3 month old. I originally asked my health visitor if he needed any vaccines and she said no however I went for a vaccine with my little one today and asked the nurse if he needed a vaccine and she said he would’ve needed MMR and tetanus but it’s too late. Anyone know anything about this ?
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I’m travelling to Japan with a three month old and I spoke to the pharmacist and the doctor and they both said that the tetanus on its own was absolutely fine and that’s included in their vaccinations.. they also told me that even if I was travelling to a country where another injection was recommended, they wouldn’t immunise a child that small. X

Oh thank God! I’ve been so worried. Thank you ❤️❤️

I went to Dubai when my LO was 3.5 months old and didn’t require any additional vaccinations! X

@Veronica great! Thank you ❤️

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