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This time tomorrow i will be getting ready to return to work, having a baby and then returning to work 8 weeks after is crazy, the separation anxiety is real. Ima miss my baby i know it. Any suggestions on how to cope my doctor gave me prozac but Im not sure that will be good enough.
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Ugh I understand how you’re feeling. I go back full time in 3 weeks and I am dreading it!! I don’t have any suggestions, but commenting so I can get some help too!

I've only just gotten to the point I can go to CVS for 30 minutes without anyone with me. I go back in a week and a half and I'm not ready. I too wish I had something helpful for you but unfortunately I don't. Be patient with ourselves is the best thing I can think of.

Yeah i left one day told myself to be gone for 8 hours i did it but i was calling her dad so much then one time he didn’t answer i went into straight panic mode

Right? I've been gone at longest 6 hours with my mom. I was texting him no joke every 30 minutes for updates and picture proof.

Same here, I’ve had a 5 hour stretch at most away from him with my husband watching him. I told him we might need a date night out and my parents to watch him so i can practice being away with someone else watching him instead of one of us 😭

Same here! I started back to work yesterday and it was hard. I haven’t left my baby since she was born, and now I did. I did a lot better going cold turkey than easing out of leaving her. She guilt trips me in the morning, but it will get better. I started on anxiety medicine at 3 weeks postpartum, so that probably helped me as well.

I go back in the beginning of March I've been cry everyday since the beginning of this month. 💔 I'm thankful for 3 months ML but I really don't wanna go back

@Shanice does your state have bonding leave? That would give you another 4 wks with baby.

@Karla I’m honestly not sure.

@Shanice I would look into it. I'm in Connecticut and I applied through the state for bonding leave to start when maternity leave ends. 8 wks is just not enough wish we had more time with our little ones.

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