Hates bath and shower

Hi, wondering if anyone had any advice. My little boy used to absolutely love the bath. Now he hates it, won’t even sit down in it. Showers are also not loved. I thought it might be a phase but it’s been going on for months now and I’m tired of the constant battle to wash him. I’ve tried both bath and shower, with me as well as without. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not sure what to do anymore.
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Try a bubble bath with wind up toys and bath crayons, they have made a difference in my daughter bath time. I sometimes sit on the floor whilst she’s in the bath and sing nursery rhymes etc

Hey my little one always hated the bath and shower until last few months. What worked for us was I had a shower or bath with her and played with her with the water. Also I let her I.e hold the shower head ect so she had a bit more control and independence. I also use to sing songs when putto on body wash and shampoo so they not completely focused on what they maybe scared of. Toys are always good too ☺️

Going through the same thing here with my daughter-she used to love it and never had this issue with my son x

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