Universal credit

Sorry to ask but I'm just curious, how much is the Universal Credit and is it paid monthly? How does it work? I will have to apply but I want to calculate if I can afford to pay my bills and rent with it.
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Yeah you need a low income for uc Paid monthly for the same day you apply. They pay extra for rent and kids

It’s paid monthly but can fluctuate on how much you have coming in, for example, my partner is self employed and depending on how much he earns, plus my maternity pay will depend on how much we get. A lot of the time we don’t actually get help as combined it’s too much but over winter we’ve been helped out a lot with it as he works outdoors so he’s lost days here and there due to weather.. I hope this makes sense! X

It also depends on where you live and the rent caps in your area. There’s a website called entitled to, you can put in wage, rent cost etc and it’ll tell you how much you get each month.

Universal credit will pay your rent/service charge for you through housing benefit

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