So in the middle of the night my little one will wake up fussing and kicking a lot but not crying. I typically pick him up and feed him at that point but this morning I waited a little longer and he just went back to sleep. Is this just a form of active sleeping? Should I wait it out a little longer in the future and let him fall back asleep unless he’s crying? Not sure 🤔
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Mine does that, and I wait it out. Mine is a crazy active sleeper. I think it's active sleeping. If they aren't crying, I try to let him self sooth back. Just my opinion.

Mine does this, I wait it out because I noticed she's usually trying to pass gas or poop but if she's still dry after, she goes back to sleep

Following: mine does the same

My daughter does this and I realized a week or so ago that she does it right before she poops. Then she will go right back to sleep. I will still change her tho, cuz I'm not letting shit sit on my baby's lil booty. She'll go right back to sleep after the diaper change.

The first two weeks I picked my guy up every time he started to do this, I then realized he was still sleeping. He makes a ton of noises too. I use the owlet and now look at the app to see if his heart rate is still on the lower side and it’s helped me recognize patterns of when he’s actually awake.

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