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How long did it take for you girls period to finally stop off nexplanon or did you have to get it removed ? I’m now three months in.
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I had mine removed after 3 years in October. It took me about a month or so. My periods seem to have regulated for the time being. Although mine have had pretty bad cramps with them.

So my periods were really irregular. I bled like twice a month sometimes for a week at a time and sometimes the entire month. My gyno prescribed me something to regulate my period

I had two rounds back to back, first period after the second was removed lasted 10 days, heavy at first but lightened as the days went on. About the same amount of time I bled after my daughter was born 💕 if yours is HEAVY I’d definitely talk to someone, that seems like a long time. My periods became regular after the 2 month off of it. Got pregnant about 6 months after it was removed.

I still have periods on Nexplanon. I just inserted it and my first periods was like 2,5 weeks.

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