Waters breaking

Can your waters break/leak and then stop after a few leaks? Or does it just keep coming out?
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In my experience, it never stopped just felt like I constantly had a hose pipe running water down there 😩

I thought mine went yesterday but tested negative they would keep leaking x

With my first they trickled a few times over the course of a about 5 hours then I had quite a gush x

It can start and stop as you have fore waters and hind waters where your baby blocks some. Last week when u was giving birth, I had a trickle then as the babies head was coming out they exploded out

Yes! I had this yesterday at 3.30am. I literally had no idea if they had gone as they trickled a couple of times and then stopped completely. Born yesterday at 13.46 after I started getting contractions at 11am!

Mine was a little gush. Then a couple of mins later a little more. And when I sat on the loo there was a tinkling of liquid even though I wasn’t weeing. Then after about an hour it was more noticeable with gush after gush coming and wetting pads through. If you get any though you just call triage as after 24 hours there’s a serious risk of infection.

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