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Hi mums! Has anyone used a baby sitter recently? This would be unknown territory but I am really keen to have a night out with dinner and dancing. Obviously nothing too extreme. What is a reasonable or acceptable time to come home while I pay for a baby sitter? I don't want to ask and they think I am mental so just an idea would be great. Thank you.
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I think it's up to you, really! last time we came home at 1 am

@Bianca Yeah 1am for me would be great but I don't know what's acceptable for the baby sitter. Is it normal to stay up that late for them?

I think so!

We have done it a couple times now, it's the daughter of a friend and she's 16yo so we've tried not to be back later than 11.30.. but I think it is ok to discuss and ask? They're probably fine with it as it is more money for them😅

We usually come back 10-11ish. It's totally fine to just say, we'll probably be back around (time). It massively varies! We made sure our daughter knows her sitter during the day first though, so if she wakes up she's not with a total 'stranger' 😅 it works well for us, she loves her.

Girl it's anytime you're paying It's you who gives them the time you will be arriving back haha I do babysitting sometimes and they give me the time and amount and I can accept or decline x

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