Early pregnancy discharge? Tmi pic*

I think i may be pregnant i feel sick to my stomach and getting quite a bit of this, my teeth are also hurting and have a strange taste in mouth. I'm really hoping it is that i am pregnant as been trying for 5months
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My “warning” sign of pregnancy was a thrush. And it was very similar discharge… after around 3 days I decided to do a pregnancy test as “signs” were there and thrush is not something what I have, and it came positive! Hope it goes well for you 🙏🏻❤️

I've had a horrible taste in my mouth for my whole pregnancy... so quite possibly! Have you tested?

@Lily ok thankyou and congratulations if pregnant now x

@Becky i took one this morning but the line was super faint so i dom't kmow if its reliable or not so i'm waiting a few more days as i feel sick to my stomach 🤢 with a feeling as if im on a fair ground ride where my stomach just turns.. also certain smells are making me super nauseous x

It sounds like you could well be 🥰 Definitely test again in a few days and i wish you all the luck. Keep us updated x

@Becky thankyou, will do x

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