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So i’m stuck between just buying the starter set or the set with the steriliser too. I know they self sterilise but i think the steriliser would help with peace of mind. How many bottles would you recommend buying? I don’t wanna go overboard by buying loads! Also, if anyone wants to get the mam bottles Argos has them on offer! £35 for starter set!
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It depends on how you plan to feed really, if you know you want to exclusively express or do formula to start I’d get like 6+ bottles and definitely get a sterilizer. If you plan to try and nurse it’s worth just getting a couple for now and then buy more stuff if needed! We did Dr Browns not MAM but when I was exclusively expressing we would use two big bottles to store the milk in the fridge and had 6 smaller bottles that would last one day with how frequently he fed, & the steam sterilizer was an absolute godsend to be able to just throw everything in after washing each evening

@Allie Thanks so much that’s really helpful, i’m thinking of combo feeding so will also need to get a pump etc. Was wondering how many bottles i’d get through a day when combo feeding. Do you think it’s worth getting the set with the steriliser then? I think it’s definitely going to help and seems like it really helped you too! X

Ahh yeah I think if you’re doing bottle only for sure then go for it with the whole set and sterilizer. When they’re newborn they feed so much honestly I wish I’d had more, like 10 bottles. If you want to try combo feeding with boob + bottles it can’t hurt to get the whole set still

I bought the starter set with my first and honestly there were parts of it I didn't use. She breastfed for a couple of weeks but my milk dried up so we went exclusively bottle and I had to buy the newborn bottles and teats on top of what I'd already bought. Then people got me them as gifts too so I had about 12! I would say 6 is sufficient and you can also microwave 6 at a time, that's what I'm doing this time around for my second. I would say don't bother with the steriliser as they're self sterilising x

The steriliser will be handy to sterilise your pump but honestly they can be such a faff with bottles. They’re difficult to stack and if you have a lot at once then I found myself laying some parts on their side which meant that water sat in certain parts (more than in the microwave). Also I put all of the parts in individually and so I was touching the teats after sterilising to put the bottles back together. I preferred self sterilising in the microwave much more than using the steriliser.

Honestly i wouldnt buy loads of bottles you might end up fully breastfeeding or baby might not take to the bottle you picked. I wasnt planning on breastfeeding my 2nd but he latched on straight away after birth so we breastfed for the first 12 weeks or so. For a steriliser i found using milton is easiest, especially if you end up with different bottles or pump parts x

Personally I brought so many bottles first time round I found 6 is a good mount if not a few more won’t hurt… I don’t no about the mam steriliser but I have the tommy tippe microwave and the plug in and there absolutely amazing you can get so much sterilised in one go and you can add dummies and other bits and bob like teething toys in the future :)

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