How do you use a reusable cold pad??

This is the lansinoh cold and warm post-birth relief pad. You can freeze is for 4 hours, slip in into a disposable sleeve and wear it in your knickers for perineum cooling and soothing. BUT how do you use it if you’re bleeding???? Does it go on top of your pad, and you just can’t wear it for very long without making a total mess??? Or do you wear it under your pad so blood is still absorbed properly?? I’ve tried googling it and I feel like a total idiot for not being able to figure this out. Please help!
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I wore mine under pad and I could feel cool/ heat through it x

I’m so glad someone asked, I didn’t buy any because I couldn’t figure out how on earth you actually used them 😂

I'd wear it under the pad and if any blood does get on it just wash it and freeze in a designated freezer bag just so it's kept separate incase anyone is a germaphobe like I am 😂

Amen to you for asking this because I’ve been thinking the same thing!! I know they have the disposable covers, so maybe they go underneath the pad with the disposable cover on?!

Mine came with these little disposable sleeves you could put the pad in. You can buy more on Amazon.

Ok, under the pad it goes! 😅 let hope it works! I’m definitely think I’d rather cold than warm? Although I suppose I’ll have to wait and see 🤷🏼‍♀️ thanks ladies!

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