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So I have a 22 month old and an 8 month old so as you can imagine I’m run off my feet 24/7! I also run my own business and we are in the process of selling our house so life is pretty crackers at the minute! I literally have zero sex drive since having my second baby I’m just so exhausted and irritated all the time and basically just can’t be bothered! But my husband is constantly making comments about sex etc and as much as I love him to bits and still fancy the pants off him it grates on me 🤦🏼‍♀️ please tell me I’m not the only one going through this kinda thing? I feel bad I’m not giving him what he wants/needs but I’m just never in the mood anymore after being mauled and screamed at by 2 babies all day 🤦🏼‍♀️
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This is so normal, don't feel bad at all. I found the more patient my husband was about it, the more likely I was to want to have sex. So maybe tell him to stop with comments, it adds so much unnecessary pressure x

Maybe have a date night to spend some time together doesn't have to be sex. But hats off to you you have a lot on your plate so don't blame you some days I have no energy and that's only with an 8 year old and 7 month old.

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