Stopped using infacol

So my little one is 4 weeks 3 days and we ran out of infacol a couple of days ago and since then he has been so unsettled, having more poos but seems uncomfortable and being sick a lot more he literally just brought up all of his afternoon bottle. We thought he was maybe going through a growth spurt but I think it may be because he hasn’t been on infacol. What would this suggest if infacol seems to help him and as soon as he doesn’t have it he’s struggling would it suggest possibly reflux or milk allergy?
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Breast or bottle feeding?

I would assume it suggests he’s got lots of wind. Milk sat on wind, will just bring up milk when the wind eventually comes up. If not was a CMPA this would still be present even with the infacol. I have a baby boy with CMPA, and we use infacol too. One feed without and that boy is agony cause he just cannot part with his wind, and when he does the whole feeds coming up with it!

@Lucy bottle feeding I use cow and gate x

Which bottles do you use? What is the latch like? Sometimes tongue tie can cause these issues or poor latch on the bottle

@Sophie hi, my little boy is 7 weeks old and I used that milk since he is born. In the beginning he was fine, but 2 weeks before he was starting to cry inconsolable, his wind smell likes eggs, he had a rash in his body was horrible situation. I change the milk and now he is a happy Baby. How you can do the infacol? Did you put drops or full dropped?

@Yoryani Good !! Which formula you changed to ?

@Fathima AM I change for aptamil.

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