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Thinking of booking a private scan since the NHS won't offer us a third (low risk pregnancy). I just want one for the peace of mind since I feel like there should be one in every trimester. If you booked a private one, which week were you when you went?
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We had several at week 6/9/16/25 , we went to this place in Kingston ultrasound plus and found them really good

@Domi cool! Sorry forgot to specify, I'm curious when people are doing them in the 3rd trimester. Are you planning to do one in the 3rd too?

NHS don’t offer more then 2

Really disappointing cause we don’t know what babies are doing in our bellies

Probably not because now I can feel this baby moving 24/7 🤯🤯🤯

30 weeks i was planing one but ended up needing growth scans

Jola I am high risk so NHS booked me one for week 36. So I guess its a good time to check the baby. But please keep in mind that the baby may be too big for nice pictures. I went to a private one at week 30 for the pictures and they said I should have gone in week 28-29.

Booked a 3D/4D for when I was 27 weeks 😊

@Amina i know. They offer a third one in specific cases but not just as a routine scan for everyone. Which I agree is very disappointing.

@Selen thank you Selen :) i am not so fussed about the pictures tbh, I just want to make sure everything is alright. As a routine check. I know for a fact that in most European countries 3 scans is a minimum (every trimester). Which is why I feel like I want a third.

I think it’s because from the third trimester we can really feel baby move, so that is usually an indication that everything is ok. And if we have reduced movements we can go in to be checked. But I do think it would be nice to have one every trimester

I was also low risk in my first pregnancy but ended up having growth scans right near the end, had one literally 2 days before he was born! I'd say they aren't actually as good in 3rd trimester as baby has taken up pretty much all the space so it's hard to tell what's what and they look a bit squashed! I'd say earlier in 3rd trimester would be best, maybe 28-30 weeks?

Same my stomach hasn’t grown that much so I’m thinking baby taking all space in stomach but stomach not expanding

I had one at 28w and I doubt I’ll have another now as baby kicking/moving is my reassurance but I completely agree with what you’re saying, some trusts do offer a 3rd scan routinely in your 3rd trimester I’m sure it’s 32 or 36 weeks but not many & certainly not at my trust. I’d probably suggest if it’s private to go for one sooner than later because as people have said there’s just less and less room to see much x

Im having a private growth scan this weekend at 32 weeks - i have a midwife appointment just afterwards so feel that I can flag anything then if needs be. Agreed there should be another but finances are so tight in the NHS. Men would probably get one for a dodgy knee though 😂 womens health for you!

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@Jen oh 😂😂you did make me chuckle 😂😂 probs true 🥲🥲

I went for private scan (the scanning room in Shoreham by sea) at 28 weeks for 4D but they also check baby health, size etc and will go again for reassurance one at 36 weeks if I don't get offered one on NHS (a possibility for me). They call it a presentation scan which can be useful to see not only if baby is doing ok, growth, fluid etc but also to see if they're in the right position. You might as well plan to go when it serves more than one purpose.

@Jola its so true! Women don’t get an automatic third trimester check on a human that’s literally growing inside their body but my husband had a sore back after over doing it at the gym and had a fairly immediate MRI. 😂

I went to window to the womb and had a 4D scan at 28 weeks, so amazing to see their face and features. Definitely recommend.

I’ve always done a 30 week 4D one but this pregnancy and last my hospital also does a 36 week one (for everyone) but you can’t see much

My hospital offers everyone 36 weeks scan, I’m low risk x

@Toya owh, you're lucky! 🥹👍

I know right, it’s a long wait from your 20 week scan until birth 😭

@Toya yep. I find it really sad and annoying that they just don't like usually offer a 3rd one to women. Crazy. The baby is growing so much in this period. Some say the 3rd trimester scan is actually vital.

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