Multiple instances of lightning crotch??

I’ve seen lightning crotch described plenty of times and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m experiencing but I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced multiple instances of it in a short amount of time? Kept having it every couple of minutes on my way to work and then it stopped for an hour or two and now it’s happening again. It’s honestly painful and not pleasant. They’re very short, sudden bursts of pain though. Enough to make me worry a bit, so I figured I’d ask if anyone else experienced anything similar!
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Experienced this last night.

I have ,I’ve experienced it more frequently now that the baby is head down and headbutting my cervix more frequently / putting more pressure on my bladder. But to ease the anxiety call your provider or make an appointment ❤️

Oh yeah. It’s happening more and more.

Sharp pains in ur coochie lips ?? Is that what lightening crotch is bc if so ik mine is a nerve being pinched

Yes! It’s painful and I’m starting to experience Braxton hicks with them and I’m 36 weeks and 3 days

Yeah, everyday all day for me. It's very painful. Happens more as your pelvis relaxes.

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