Little Beans Gender

When i tell you guys i couldn’t be more shocked… im having a ….. GIRL 🎀!! Silly me for believing the old wives tales to much 🤣 I just had this feeling i was having a boy, couldn’t have been more wrong when i got the results back in from the NIPT #GirlMom 💕
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Haha I kept saying "he" at the beginning. My husband kept saying "why HE?" Found out last night it is indeed a boy. I'm not claiming any kind of intuition. I had a 50% chance of winning lol

Omg congrats !! ✨💝 I’m still waiting to find out what I’m having! 😁

I’m having a girl too! I was convinced it would be a boy lol. My boyfriend and I had been saying “he” since we found out about the baby but the NIPT proved up wrong lol

@Gilly this was exactly what we did. We have called the baby a “he” the day we found out it was right all along!

Congratulations 🩷

Congratulations I'm also having a baby girl I'm super excited

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