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New mama here! Just wanted to get advice on what new mummy’s who breastfeed are wearing. I’d love to keep my style as it makes me confident and comfortable. But where I have to wear a nursing bra I feel like I can’t wear strapless tops/ dresses etc. Happy to take any/all advice!
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There’s a Facebook page called ‘Can I Breastfeed in it? UK?’ That always has ideas. Also, an Instagram page called The Breastfeeding Wardrobe.

Hey, so I stick to tops and bottoms for ease and I never wear nursing bras, too much faff when baby is hungry so I stick to v shaped soft bras plus I wear loads of crop top again for ease also strap to bodies that have a good hold so you don’t have to wear a bra x

I stick with tops or dresses with V neck and cleavage or a shirt. A) its an easy access and B) I am enjoying my big b❤️❤️bs as I was A cup before 😂

Thank you for the advice! Off the back of these, do I have to wear a nursing bra? Can I get away with seamless strapless bras?

Thank you so much!

Really depends what is comfier for you, I have a mixture of soft ones and more padded with clips. I personally find the clip ones easier and you can get nicer designs I’ve brought in seraphine sale, jojo and M&S. I wear tops too with clips as I find them easier and comfier. For a super good quality basic short/long sleeve tee would recommend the milky tee. More expensive but really good quality. Cardis/shirts and tops are easiest day to day but I have some super nice breast feeding dresses too from asos

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