Potty shot confirmation please

Hey, we were told we are expecting a girl today! Was 10000% convinced it was a boy! Please can you confirm girl? Not sure what I’m looking at!
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Very much a girl

Congrats! 🎊 yes you’re having a girl i dk how you’d be convinced one way or another.

@Marie thanks for your reply! Reason why I was convinced it was a boy was because on other posts with the nub shot/skull theory everyone said boy 😅

Aah yeah those theories. I tried a few and they were wrong for me too. I was also having dreams that I was having a boy too lol, and then the potty shot showed girl.

If you look where the cursor is on the pic it shows 3 sort of lines next to each other. This is known as the “hamburger sign” as our midwife put it lol! It’s basically the female genitalia. Congratulations!! 🩷

Idk why but I feel like I just never see anything on ultrasound pics... maybe it's because I don't get ultrasounds, but I was just looking and looking and still can't tell how you know it's a girl lol

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