Does it make anyone else upset or jealous that some women never have morning sickness?

I know that sounds shitty, but I wish I could experience a wonderful problem free pregnancy
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Oh man, sorry you feel this way. I'm one of those ladies that haven't thrown up yet. Honestly, each pregnancy is different and yeah, I do experience other symptoms on a more intense level compared to the general norm. I don't think my pregnancy is 'problem free' just because I don't throw up. This does for sure account for one less issue I have to deal with.

Please don't think its problem free if there's no nausea.

I didn't say y'all were problem free because you don't experience nausea. I was saying in general for myself. I would like a problem free pregnancy. There are women who don't experience any negative side effects of pregnancy, and feel the best they ever had. I wonder what it would be like to experience that.

I haven’t thrown up but girl I’ve had some terrible diarrhea every day and night!!! lol candles are lit! 🔥

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