Boobie tape 👀

Hi ladies👋since having my bubba and even before, I’ve struggled with my big boobies..I feel like they look saggy without a bra on so avoid backless dresses and cute fits 😞 I’ve been considering buying boobie tape to give them a lift! I’m about a 34 E now. Has anyone tried?? Is it wasted £ or does it actually work 🙏💕
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For me, as a D, it didn’t work. I used a lot but still didn’t feel supported x

I feel ya. I got measured at a G since being pregnant. I wore tape before getting pregnant and the problem with a larger chest is that to get the proper chest lift and contour, you end up using A LOT of tape and going through it easily. It works but to use it on the regular was $ and time (takes awhile to get it all right). I just ended up using it for special occasions. There are some really great minimized/support bras that work really well but as far as other strapless options… I still honestly don’t know !! 🤷🏻🤦🏻

I’m a C and it doesn’t even work for me, i’d say a waste of money to be honest, or you would be using loads of tape

Thanks girls ❤️❤️

Wonderbra backless bras are the only thing that have worked for me I’m G currently but DD when not pregnant. They are expensive but totally worth it x

@Megan Oooo I’ll check it out 👀💕

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