Grief and Change

Anyone else struggling really hard with the change in life after having a baby? My LO will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I love her to bits (ofcourse) but I'm struggling so hard with the change in life. Mainly, I miss the intimacy and downtime with my husband. We aren't even sleeping in the same room or going to bed at the same time because we are still learning our daughters noises and habits and I'm breastfeeding. This is so hard. People tell me it'll get better but I guess I'm having a hard time believing it. I'm grieving everything we had before our daughters birth (and also feeling SO guilty about it). I miss sleeping in, going out for walks downtown, and just having a worry free mindset that isn't constantly concerned about a little ones safety :( I feel so down and hopeless sometimes, and so alone..
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It's totally normal to miss your pre-baby life. I'm 4 months in and still miss parts of mine, but you will be able to have more time with your husband as your baby gets older, can entertain themselves for a bit of time and most importantly sleep longer stretches. It is hard though and nothing could quite prepare me for how much of a change this is.

It will get better with time. Promise! My lo is about to be a year old, and I still remember thick of it. You have got this, Mama! Stay strong and know that you will feel better about everything in time. Nothing will be exactly the same, but it does get better. 🫶

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