Witchin hour

Okay but witchin hour is making me and my bf go crazy 🧟‍♀️ 🧟 😭 when does it stop? It’s like our 3rd week. It’s weird because sometimes I try little tricks but then they don’t last long and then he goes back to the same😔😔 he’s 2 months and a week old
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Ours never stopped we just got used to her waking at 3-4 am every morning the latest she would wake is 5-6am now a days so not much has changed. I hope things change for you though because we lost a lot of sleep due to it. So I understand your frustration.

Omg my baby starts around 11am and won’t stop until like 3am or 4. Makes me so sad just seeing him cry and nothing will make him stop. He slept a lot last night so that’s why I find it weird when some days are just real bad And some days we’re able to sleep. @Krysta

Sometimes it’s gas or upset stomach or if it’s raining for some reason. If it’s too dark in the room, try white or black nose that helps. If they are hot or cold best way to test is touch their neck. Might be hungry sometimes they think they are full before bed but they aren’t. Wraping the baby also helps. Unfortunately until they are around 6 months they will keep doing that.

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