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Who else's 2y old is making impossible 'normal' walks? Mine, since he learned to walk ( at 17.5 months) always tried to run. Now he is super fast at running and very cheeky. If we are going just for a walk and I don't let him always walk where he wants( roads, offices, etc) it's a pure fight. Actually he fights about everything. He doesn't listen If I say- No, please come back, let's go here...Even if he finally walks with me, he turns around at a flash speed and runs where he wanted before. Unfortunately we live in the city centre, to get to some normal park we have to go through all this. Driving to the park would be a good option, but after coming back it's hard to find the parking. And off the top of this he is talking back and telling me- Wait, mama! every time, when I'm trying to get him away from the roads and 'wrong' directions. He thinks that's some game and having fun. Im just so exhausted from this and absolutely not enjoying our walks if I can call them like that. My oldest was so easy going at that age- I could travel with him across the country, with the youngest one I can't even cross the road. Anyone else out there like us? Thanks for reading
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Try a wrist leash!!

@Sarah thanks , I will take a look at that, but by knowing my boy, he will sit down and not going to move a inch😅

I have a runner. When going on walks I tell him he has to hold my hand, if he refuses he doesn't get to walk. Took some time but he has learned not to run off

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