HELP!!!!! I need my toddler weaned like 3 months ago!!!!

I don't have much help with her so she's ALWAYS with me and is a HUGE comfort nurser. We also co sleep so she nurses to sleep and while sleeping to make sure I'm still there. However, I'm 6 months pregnant right now and the feeling of nursing has become EXTREMELY uncomfortable and it feels like torture. I bought something called sucker buster which is supposed to taste awful and discourage nursing but my daughter didn't care about the taste or the smell at all. Any advice????
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How many feeds is she having a day? I would suggest dropping off feeds one at a time over the course of several weeks and replacing them with a bottle of whole milk or a snack or something. The last feed to go would be the night feeds. Atleast that’s how it worked for me and my milk eventually dried up. Then I gave her some whole milk if she woke in the night wanting to nurse. The first couple of days killed me but she got used to it pretty quickly. I hope that helps! I know ever bb is different. ❤️ you’re amazing!

I’ve never had to breastfeed unfortunately and embarrassingly but I do know they make bottles that have a shape of a nipple that helps them. They have them on amazon. Hope that helps ❤️

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