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I havent been to work for 2 months, i came back around 16 weeks im currently 18 weeks. when i get off work im incredibly sore. i expected to be a little sore b/c i havent been there,so i haven’t really been doing anything in my first trimester. I put it off as my bodys not used to moving like that anymore. i work at my own pace and take breaks often, but when i get off work im so sore to the point I cant walk normal. the only thing i can do is lay with the heating pad and hope the pain goes away by the morning(it usually does) i only work 2 days out the week days apart, but as my pregnancy progresses. im getting sore from grocery shopping or if i walk to much but today i didnt do much of anything and it hurts to get up switch positions feels like i went to the gym i dont feel like its normal round ligament pain
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Tell your doctor. Depending on the type of work you do, it might or might not be normal. Pregnancy brings on a lot of unexpected things that are normal for pregnancy or can be expected. But if your having pains in your stomach area, that should be addressed. Hopefully it’s nothing but I don’t recall with both my pregnancy’s round ligament pain starting until around the end of the 2nd trimester when they start to get big big. Everyone is different though. Don’t worry untill you speak with your doctor. And just take it as easy as you can.

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