Where are you taking your two year olds?

My daughter is turning two tomorrow and we planned to take her to London zoo but due to the weather we won’t be able to do anything outside. Please provide suggestions, we go soft play regularly and have already been to the aquarium. (London based)
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Trampolining, the bubble expedition in London if still on. Natural history museum, science museum x

Thank you totally forgot about the bubble place in Wembley, will check if it’s still on x

The Postal Museum and the Transport Museum are said to be good, too!

@Lauren fully booked

Aw we have birthday baby twins🥹 it’s my little girls 2nd birthday tomorrow!xxx

@Caylee hey mama, what’s your plans for tomorrow / how are you celebrating?

https://discover.org.uk/ I’ve not been here but we did plan on trying it out for our 2 year olds birthday.

Hobbledoen heath? We went on Sunday to the one in Hounslow and it was great

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