Birthing experience in wakemed cary

Hi Ladies. I'm 38+ 5 weeks pregnant. Delivery is to be in wakemed Cary. I wanted to hear other people's experiences there. Could you please share?
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I'm interested in hearing these too! I looked at the birthing rooms online and they look very fancy. Much better than Wake med Raleigh

I was there last year, labor and delivery room was awesome PP room was pale for me.

My best friend gave birth at wakemed Cary and she was very happy about everything! She said everything looked so new there. I gave birth at UNC Rex Hospital 2 months ago and it was great too 😃

I had a great experience at wakemed Cary. Great labor room, excellent nursing staff, incredibly helpful post delivery.

I should have updated this thread. I delivered in wakemed Cary on 25th Feb. Amazing staff, doctors , everyone was really good ! Room was comfortable and this is an odd thing to say about a hospital, but i loved the food they gave in the room, lol!

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