To send to nursery or no?

I have a 2 year old son and I am pregnant with my second child, due in June. I’m going to be on mat leave for a year. Originally my son was supposed to start nursery in April (we had planned that before I found out I was pregnant again) but I’m now having second thoughts about sending him, given I’m going to be at home. What is it like having a toddler and newborn at home? Is it feasible or will I be burnt out?
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I'm also pregnant and am sending mine to pre school starting April for just two mornings a week!! we're doing it for a few reasons but mainly for him to learn how to socialise without me being involved as its so important for them. I also think it will be really beneficial for us to have time with just baby for those few hours a week!!

I'm not speaking from experience, I can only go off of other mums I know with 2 kids. I would say for the sake of your own sanity, you're going to want one in childcare! My son is almost 2 and he's started nursery this week, what it's shown me is that I wish I'd done it sooner and not waited so long. It's so good for their development.Hobestly, just do whatever is going to be best for you and your family.

I have a 5 month old and trust me when I say its not easy!! Very rewarding but hard! I would definitely consider nursery now they're 2 even if its just a couple half days a week to give you a breather x

I have a 3 and a 1.5 year old also a 8 year old. Honestly it will do you and your 2 year old good if he does go nursery. You will have a routine, you will be able to just get some fresh air everyday or whenever he has nursery oh you need to go shop? Go after you took little man nursery then it’s easier for you to go in and out. you’ll keep your sanity because 2 that is short age gap isn’t easy. 2 year old will be away from the crying of new baby. 2 year old will be having fun at nursery being around other children his own age and it gets him used to when he does start nursery/school. I do school and nursery runs daily. It is a lot but I’d rather be out than lose my marbles at home with 2 toddlers🤣🤣

It’s pure chaos hahha we have 2y old +8m old, no one in nursery as we decided on particular pre school that starts at 2.5y If I were you I’d defo still send 2y even for couple of days a week 1/ it’s hard work, they will have completely different needs, you will not have a break and you will need a breather even if it’s 2-3 days a week 2/ we never wanted to send out older one until he can speak/communicate but at this point i feel like he would really benefit from nursery, you wont be able to give him 100% attention, I’m trying to set up messy play/ we have all the toys/ massive garden but i still feel like nursery will be able to offer him even more/ different things

It’s obviously lively and rewording seeing them becoming besties but yeah would be nice for both you and toddler to put him in nursery for like 2-3 days x

2 year old and 9 month old - my 2 year old was already in nursery as I went back to work for a few months still whilst pregnant with my second. We kept him doing one day a week in nursery and it’s honestly the best thing haha. Obviously I love having them both at home but it is chaos and it’s nice for my youngest to have a day to himself with me, and also it’s just a bit more chill for me! Also luckily our eldest loves nursery so it’s a win win x

My baby is 2 in March 4 and I starting next week daycare and I am pregnant again due august…it’s good for them and help them to be prepare for when baby comes …and we will need time preparing everything for when baby comes too … as I am stay at home too :) Im glad that my daycare it’s really close by home so I can pick him up when I want :)

My 2 yr old does 2 days a week since Oct which is good for her she loves it and has helped her speech im on mat leave 8 month old and nice he gets quality time just with me on days she at nursery x

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