Anyone going to any music festivals this summer?

My husband and I are going to Eden this June, when I'll be 33weeks- very different vibe to past music festivals! Any tips from experience or our are you prepping to go to festivals while pregnant?
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Not a festival but I’m going to see Pink when I’ll be 39 weeks and got standing tickets so I’m a little anxious of how that’s going to go 😂

Ha this is great! I applaud you. If I didn’t recently move to England I’d probably have a few lined up too

We go to Tramlines in Sheffield every year. Only missed it once when our first baby was born. I did quite a lot of gigs and a festival when pregnant with my first, the latest I think I was 37 weeks pregnant and that was to see Green Day. Turns out I was pregnant for Tramlines again last year but didn't know 😅

I went to glasto at 6m pregnant, it was hard work but great, just make sure to keep hydrated and eat lots, stay in the shade and don’t over do it

I went to Tramlines last year and I was 18 weeks, really enjoyed it but omg I needed to pee a lot! 🤣 also I did find it a bit annoying that everyone else in my group were drinking and I couldn’t but got over it pretty quickly. Definitely wear something comfortable on your feet, especially if you’re prone to swelling a little bit, my feet were swollen when I was pregnant and I had the wrong footwear on and it made walking around quite painful. Also finding a comfortable spot to sit in on some camp chairs really helped for me! Hope you have a good time at Eden :)

@Emily thank you for the tips! Sneakers and camp chair all the way, then! Love it

I did slam dunk at 30 weeks pregnant and def leppard at 32. It’s tiring but still great fun! My daughter kicked along to bowling for soup. We are also taking her to her first weekend festival the day after she turns 1 xx

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