Can't get out of bed- HELP

I am doing really well about 1 week post C-section delivery besides finding a way to get up and out of bed from sleeping on my back that doesn't engage my core & cause excruciating pain. Even twisting to lie on my side will have me wincing in pain. The movement to get upright is absolutely hell. Ideas welcome! 💛
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Have you tried to hold a pillow on your stomach as you move? Like press it against yourself, that helped me post C-section☺️

I had my husband help me in and out of bed. I’d put my arms around his neck and just dead weight it while he lifted me up to sitting. I also didn’t lie flat for the first week and a half or so. I was propped up on lots of pillows to sleep very inclined and it made getting out of bed SO much easier. I couldn’t comfortably lie flat or roll to my side until probably day 10ish. But I’d say every day after day 7 post op, I got exponentially better and could do substantially more each day! By 2 weeks I could do just about everything I wanted to comfortably. You might be in the homestretch!

I actually ended up sleeping with so many pillows I was basically already sat up as I found the pain so bad in the first couple of weeks. I'm due another c-section in a couple of weeks and not looking forward to this again 😩

I slept propped up for the first month or so and found this really helped me. It also helped with the rolling situation!

I pretty much was sitting up already with so many pillows but We tied like a rope to the bottom rails of my bed and I used my arms to pull myself into a full upright position. And then I could swing my legs over the side.

Hold a pillow to your stomach and do a lot roll rather than twist. Abdominal binders help too

Oh honestly I can feel this pain !!! When I had my C section I literally slept up right for about a week!! If you have a maternity pillow I found this helped ! X

@Natalie thanks for the suggestions and validation. I'm trying and failing currently to just sleep 'normal' and can't.

@Libby yes it works great for driving to appts and such but definetly not getting up in bed. Same pain breaks through.

@Rosie hearing the consensus is to sleep upright. I'll try tonight.

Try being propped up on pillows it helped me i still do it most nights and now I sleep on my couch because I don't have a bed

I propped myself up with tons of pillows for the first 6 weeks and then used the next to me cot to pull myself up (I don't have the side down)

I slept in a recliner armchair for weeks and it helped, I say weeks because I split open 11 days pp so has to stay longer on chair

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