Uncomfortable collecting colostrum

I’ve been trying to collect colostrum for over a week since I was 36wks now 37+1 only managed to get something last night for the first time 0.05mls so literally a drop but it was quite uncomfortable leaning towards a bit painful I tried again this morning on the same side but it’s just a bit sore. Not sure if this is normal to start with or I’m not doing it right?
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Mine only came after birth…

Heyy, I had a zoom nhs class on baby feeding and they shared this video which I’ve found really helpful 😊 https://globalhealthmedia.org/videos/how-to-express-your-first-milk/

I’m the same! Have tried for the past few days with no luck! Going to keep trying and see how I get on. Heard from quite a lot of people that they weren’t able to get any/a lot and had no trouble breastfeeding after which is positive!

It just doesn't work for some people AND you don't have to do it so please don't pressurise yourself. I'm not leaking the slightest bit of anything so I'm leaving them well alone. When she's here it will kick in and she will get what she needs xx

I spoke to my midwife about this earlier, she said it's normal to barely get anything, and the more you focus on how much you get the less likely it is you'll get any because it inhibits oxytocin. I never collected any before I had my first baby and still went on to breastfeed successfully for 3 years

If you’re stressing about it, it won’t come easily. Know that it’s okay if you don’t manage to, when baby is here you can collect then if you need to and it is easier after you’ve given birth. Take a relaxing bath/shower, create a calming environment with scents, sounds and lights you enjoy and only do if you aren’t rushing to do something else after. Gentle breast massage and nipple stimulation, nothing more than what is pleasurable. I’d also say not to bother trying to collect on your next go, no pressure to collect, just see if you can get a drop. https://youtu.be/ZD2Baz-8Es4?si=7H72uvzVOK6hl8gI

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