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I didn’t breastfeed my first so unsure if this is normal! My breastfed baby hasn’t fed since 9am(ish). Which I know is only 3 hours ago, but I just remember people saying how much they feed etc and I feel like mines super chilled! She’ll feed about 6 times a day but for like 20/30 mins each feed Is this pretty standard? Midwife said she’s back to birth weight also
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At first, I only fed my newborn when she woke up and she was under her birth weight for a couple weeks. So I had to feed her every 2-3hrs, even if she was sleeping. They're able to latch while sleeping. I know moms who wake their babies before breastfeeding tho, still 2-3hrs for newborns.

Just feed on demand. Every baby will be different at how they feed. As she's back to birth weight it shows she's getting ample amounts of milk. Just be ready for a cluster feed before a growth spurt. For example my nephews were constantly attached to my sister multiple times a day well into toddlerhood. My child is happy with a few nursing sessions a day. Just different temperaments for different kids with similar DNA!

As long as she is gaining weight then you have nothing to worry about - every baby is different! We feed on demand and sometimes LO will go 3/4hours between feeds and sometimes he’ll feed every hour (usually cluster feeds when going through a growth spurt) and most recently we’ve noticed he wants to feed every 2ish hours because he’s teething - pretty sure that’s more of a comfort thing though.

When my baby was a newborn I didn’t like leaving her too long without feeding bc I learnt she’d make up for it at night lol but just feed baby on demand. If they’re weeing plenty and gaining weight all is well xx

Feed on demand. Every 2.5-3.5 hours is pretty typical. I always woke for feeds during the day and let baby wake me at night. Both my girls (almost 4 and almost 14 months) did really great on that routine

Some babies can go a seemingly long time between feeds and that’s fine so long as they’re happy and a good weight/nappy output. Count your blessings! I had a cluster feeding maniac for the first 8 weeks lol 🤪 You probably have an awesome milk supply and she gets a great big feed when she does feed, it also might be her temperament. She will go through phases where she cluster feeds for growth spurts and things, just roll with it. You sound like you’re doing amazingly!!

I’ve always been advised to feed on demand but not to let baby go longer than 3/4 hours so that’s always been my guide so I’d say it sounds normal to me 🥰 x x

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